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Unvaccinated patients will not be seen in person. Only patients who have received at least three doses of an mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 will be seen for in-person consultation or treatments including acupuncture and cold laser. Patients not meeting this criteria are still eligible for telemedicine visits.

Welcome to Rasnow Integrative Wellness!

We are your source for individualized holistic medicine. We combine lifestyle, Functional Medicine, and medical acupuncture with conventional western medicine to help pain, reverse chronic disease and restore optimal health. We provide an alternative to a medical system often found to be corrupted by layers of corporate profiteers. Our fundamental premise is that a patient-centered, lifestyle-first approach to any ailment is the best way to achieve sustainable health and vitality.


We are excited to embark on this innovative, collaborative way practicing medicine and delivering care. Promoting health and serving our community are our primary motivators. We will work with you to achieve your optimal balance of mind, body and emotional fitness through food, movement, and therapeutics. It is our goal that functional fitness, mindfulness, balance and well-being will define your new state of optimal health.


I completed residency training in Family Medicine, and I love caring for patients in all of life’s stages. Direct Primary Care is a membership model of care coordination and may be an attractive and cost-effective option for certain patients.

Acupuncture is a well-established medical treatment that has been used for thousands of years and has been integrated into health care delivery across the globe. It is highly effective for a multitude of conditions including chronic pain.

Functional Medicine is ideal for the patient who wants to achieve optimal health but also for those with one or more chronic conditions that may not be responding as desired to conventional treatments. It uses a systems biology approach to find the root causes of our ailments and areas of imbalance.

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