Obesity and Lifestyle Medicine

We offer a holistic approach to obesity treatment and address the many underlying factors that lead us to struggle with excess weight. While medications may be an option we explore, our focus will be on the lifestyle components that are necessary to achieve improved health and not just a number on the scale. There is a lot of attention about weight loss medications in the media currently but let me be clear- there is NO QUICK FIX. After a thorough discussion of risks and benefits and your individual health history , we may decide to utilize medication as a supportive tool in your health journey but if you are just looking for a prescription for a weight loss medication, this practice is likely not the best fit for you.


Dr. Rosnow is a doctor, wise beyond her years, she is caring and lacks all of the poor qualities of care giving professionals in this day and age, SHE GENUINELY CARS ABOUT YOU not just your ability to pay. This is a very real doctor in every sense of the word. In my life I have encountered many doctors in many different fields of medicine. I trust her over all of them. 5 stars!!!
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Name:Marina Rasnow-Hill, MD
Address: Sacramento, CA

Sacramento: (916) 623-4594

Specialty:                   Functional/integrative medicine

Degree M.D. of Medicine

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